Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy, Hot, and Sticky

We survived the great first Monday in May, despite humid weather at about 90F and an insane schedule. I left before 8 am for MDSW; that left Jeffrey to manage the Special Olympics track and field bunch. We all reconnoitered at home at about 5 pm, then everyone except Adele and I went to the lag b'omer bonfire and party at the school. Several of the kids then came home not only sticky from the heat, but from faces covered in marshmallow and cotton candy.
So....MDSW. I had a great opportunity to meet up with several other witches from the Harry Potter House Cup game, and then I met up with Mabel, my dearest, most treasured childhood friend, and we got to spend about 3 hours together for the first time in possibly a couple of decades.
I bought only a little yarn; 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill seconds, and two weaving yarns. I did buy 3 spindles, a Spanish Peacock Russian supported lace spindle and bowl, a 1.3 ounce Jenkins Canary wood mini Turkish; and a standard takli.
I got a ton of different fibers; 1 CVM fleece from Marushka Farms
plus 1/2 oz quiviut (!), 8 oz Polworth, 4 oz Cashmere (from Wild Fibers' fund-raiser for the Ladakh cooperative), some fawn alpaca/tussah blend top, and 8 oz of Dorset/Finn blend. I won't bore you with photos, since they're all undyed, and you'd be saying, "look, it's more... fiber."
Then the incidentals; my mini combs finally (Indigo Hound 2 pitch); a long sleeve festival t shirt (the first time I've bought one) and a mug; alum, iron, and copper for mordanting; a little wool scour to try out; and 2 cards of pewter buttons.
Finally I did buy a few books (a big surprise). "Dyeing is not Alchemy,""Colours from Nature,""The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing," and to break the trend, "Weaving Made Easy."
Over at the track and field meet, Feivel got gold medals in the 100 meter, standing long jump, and 4x100 relay, and a silver in the 400 meter (where he was outrun by a significantly taller, athletic adult athlete). He's given this set of medals to Gilad to model:

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