Thursday, June 3, 2010

June is just dandy

Well, Jeffrey had his carpal tunnel surgery yesterday and everything went well. I wasn't getting started on anything much new until we got past that; now we just have a ton of dentist, MD and similar appts for everyone to cause chaos, but nothing huge and looming.
The two little ones are ecstatic today because it's TRUCK DAY at MJBHA; this means they bring in every variety of vehicle you can imagine and the kids get to climb all over them. Bookmobile, 18 wheeler, police cars, rescue boats, helicopter, and especially the ice cream truck are all big thrills there.
I've been knitting away; a top for Addie, socks for Julie, I don't know what else. And I don't think I showed a pic yet of my newest sock yarn; 2 plies of Romeldale and 1 of red (undyed) alpaca.
Other than that it's just HOT. We're spending as much time as possible at the pool. Addie keeps asking to go. She's a little overconfident; she's convinced that since she can jump in and stand at the 2' end, she can jump in anywhere. Needless to say, we keep a close eye on her at all times. The kids are all enjoying it at the pool though, and it's going to be great all summer.


Bobbi said...

Do you have your own pool? I used to teach swimming and aqua therapy for arthritis, mastectomy recovery, and aerobics. We loved to hear about "fearless kids" - they are much easier to teach the basic "flip over on your back no matter what" techniques to than any other kids.

Leesy said...

No, we joined the Manor Woods community pool. The kids are loving it-we're going after school every day.

Henya said...

I love the ruffles! So cute. Addie looks adorable!