Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday catch-up

We had a visit from the Bridge cousins:
l to r that's Kayla, Adele, Lila, Rena, Bekka, Shmuley, Tirtze, and Gilad; somehow Sachy and Feivel are missing.
And I have a few more photos of the stuff I took to the county fair that won:
the scarf above had a note that they seriously considered it for the rosette, and wished they could have given it a reserve rosette
the shawl here is what got best in show for knitting
Now I have to head out to take Feivel to his first-ever Special Olympics tennis team practice. Meanwhile, Sachy and Kayla both have soccer team try-outs today. And it looks like Tirtze will be in public school beginning next week; she refuses to go take the 2 tests she has to take and pass in the next week to even have a possibility of graduating from her current school, so that's it, tomorrow we register her with the local HS and make arrangements for them to re-evaluate her and hopefully send her to a self-contained special ed program for emotionally disturbed or mentally ill students. Further updates there when we've got them.

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