Monday, January 31, 2011

Living "The Snowy Day"

Walking home from synagogue on Saturday felt like we were living the children's book "The Snowy Day."  First the little kids are making tracks in the snow, then Gilad picks up a stick and drags it to see its track, then hits a tree branch with it, and then, best of all, Addie tried to bring a snow ball home in her coat pocket to keep.  It was SO extraordinarily cute and perfect.
Not cute or perfect was the 2-day power outage in the cold weather, or the fact that the 2 kids in public school who most need to be in school only had one day of school all of last week, or the fact that we have more ice and sleet on the way for the next 48 hours.  Boo.
I was able to keep knitting on my sweater, since it was stockinette in the round, and so that was fine, and I finished a baby dress
cabled baby dress in Baby Ull

 and also a hat.
Another hat for the Larkin project for homeless teens
Anyhow, if I disappear again, it's the ice!

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galiah said...

I LOVE the Snowy Day (as in the book-- NOT more snow!!!)- a favorite at home (ok, one of many...) and at school. the part that speaks to me right now is the last page-- they went out into the deep, deep snow... we've always said that it's exaggerated or it's from Peter's perspective as a little kid with a lot of snow-- but after this winter, i know it's NOT exaggerated-- we really DO have such huge snow piles!!! i'm glad your keeping busy and cozy with knitting projects; i hope your kids can keep busy too :(