Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And now he's swimming

Feivel had his first-ever swim meet today with the Manor Woods Swim Club team.  

Feivel did really well at the meet, but he was very nervous.  He was supposed to swim the 50M freestyle and back stroke.  He did the first race, had a great time (he may have finished first, I couldn't quite see), but he was disqualified on a technicality related to his turn.  
He had been so nervous and felt bad about the DQ (he wasn't angry, he just felt he'd let the team down even though many other swimmers all told him they constantly DQ'd when they first started and often still did), so he scratched from the second race and said that for the next few weeks he just wants to concentrate on getting the freestyle race right so he gets a fair completion.
I was as proud of how he handled that as I was of how he actually swam.  His coaches also told him that after seeing how well he swam tonight, they know what they can expect from him in future practices.

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