Sunday, October 2, 2011

Princess Persnickety

Last night I tucked Addie in first, then Gilad.  This means that I sit on Addie's bed at the foot with Gilad on my lap, while Addie says her bedtime prayers.  Apparently in doing so I slightly dis-arranged the comforter so that is was ever-so-slightly pushed up for about 6 inches.
When Addie was done I kissed her good night and shooed Gilad out, went and got him settled and tucked in and so on.  As I came out of the boys' room, Addie was waiting by the girls' doorway with her hands on her hips, and she called me in.
She pointed to her bed and shouted, "Look at this.  I can not sleep like this!"
So I smoothed out the foot of the blanket (mind you, she's so small she doesn't even reach the foot of the bed), and she was willing to return to bed.
Jeffrey asked if I double checked for peas under the blanket.

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