Friday, March 2, 2012

Baa baa black sheep sweater

I was silent again because I was a bit obsessed again (yes, again it happened).  A new idea came to mind: sheep!  Sheep, everywhere!  Sheep sweaters!  First a traditional steeked drop-shoulder style, then a v-neck vest, then a round-yoke cardigan.  So I spent two weeks encouraging or at least bowing to the obsession and began the series with this:
Outstanding in the Field sweater in hand spun wools
It's all hand-spun yarns, from lace to worsted weight but mostly centered around fingering weights, and so knit at 7 stitches per inch.  The wools include Dorset, Merino, CVM, Romney, Finn, Hog Island, Clun Forest X, and Black Welsh Mountain, all in their natural colors.  Motifs include traditional geometrics, plus people (farmers), dogs (sheep dogs, naturally), sheep, farm houses, and the words "Baa baa black sheep," though it's hard to see that just below the collar.  Every single row of sheep has brown legs and black bodies.  Let's see, I think it took about 600 yards of the white CF; 300 each of the BWM, the medium brown HI, and dark brown Finn; and about 50 yards or so of the others.

The only problem is that I forgot to "correct" for the fact that I've lost weight and am still losing more, so it's more over-sized than I intended, but for an outerwear sweater meant to be layered over other things, that's not a crisis.  It just means for me that when I knit the vest next, I can get it done even faster because not only will I not need to bother with sleeves, I don't need to cast on nearly as many stitches around!

Oh, but for those who knew I had something else I had to get done, before I cast on for that first sweater, I knit socks for my cousin and got them to her:
Snow Queen pattern socks in Rock Creek Yarns sock yarn

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Susan said...

Sweet sweater love everything about it. My problem seems to be not enough time in the day. I may have to seriously re consider my retirement