Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Message Gets Out

I've always been a fairly lazy, complacent person.  Those who know me know I definitely do not have a bias towards action.  The incredible attack on women's health rights going on right now has actually jarred me off my butt in a way nothing else has ever done.  Women will not return to a world in which our decisions are made for us based on others' hatred, intolerance, or desire to control us.     And we're having success, we're getting the message out.

If you're wondering what kind of tactics are being taken to limit and eliminate women's health rights, you can get a crib sheet right here.  This has nothing to do with libertarianism, small government, or logic.  If you truly believe that it's your god's decision who should live and that medical care interferes with that godly right (and might) then I challenge you to live by that conviction and refuse any and all medical care for yourself and your dependents.  If you accept medical care at all, you can not argue that you personally have a direct line to G-d to determine which types of medical care are allowed and which are not.  If you argue that your god has given you the responsibility and right to make that determination for everyone I laugh in your face...and rip the stone crab claw out of your hand (remember the stone crabs from my post last week?  I don't argue that I believe my religious brethren don't eat bacon, therefore no one may sell it, nor that my religious holidays are days on which you should be put to death for working.  I don't even say it's my right to place criminal restrictions on stone crab eating).  If you are a libertarian and feel everyone is responsible for their own choices, fine.  Sit back and let me and every other American woman make her own choices about her health care, in consultation with her medical advisors, not sons of veterinarians (more here) and worse.

You know what though?  They've blown it.  They've gotten so illogical, so appalling, so very intolerable, that the tides are indeed turning against them.  Polls last week showed that American women are now giving President Obama more than a 9% lead over any and all Republican candidates, and cite the war on women as the primary reason.  Even men are turning, insisting that time which could have been spent on economic and other necessary policy areas are being wasted on religious rhetoric and nonsensical attempts to harm women and destabilize families (just how stable do you think families in which the mother has died, or which have twice the number of children the parents wanted, or in which the parents can't have normal marital relations due to fear of unwanted pregnancy, are likely to be?).  

And we're getting the message out.  We are not going back.

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