Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MDSW 2012 in pictures PLUS a KAL update!

We set up for Sheep to Shawl

Our spinners prepare

Our phenomenally mellow sheep prepares herself

Michelle Reilly shears

Our sheep lounges.  She really just sat there.

Look Ma, no fleece!  10 lbs are off of me!

My sweater won best hand spun hand knit garment, and best garment overall of MD wool.

Our shawl is prepared for auction

The shawls, sweater, vest, and socks I had entered.

My spinning fiber purchases

My sock knitting purchases, plus a mini Russian spindle from The Spanish Peacock, and a little beaded necklace kit

The pewter bowl I won from MSBA (MD Sheep Breeders' Association) for best use of MD wool
There are also videos a friend took of me flicking wool here, as well as video of Michelle shearing here and here.  I don't think Michelle had ever sheared such a docile ewe.  It was like we had taken this sheep to a spa, and she was drinking in her fame and glory from the paparazzi!
 And then I came home and finished my third sock pattern and pair for the upcoming Knit-along (remember that?  we're starting in June!):
first sample pair of "Afield" pattern


Galiah said...

wow! wow! wow!!! while i'm not surprised that you won, i am "sheeping" nachas...;)
you do amazing things...

Leesy said...

That is totally the perfect comment. You win the internet for the night!

galiah said...


Caroline in NH said...

Congratulations on your MDSW ribbons! What an exquisite sweater! Now, besides trying to read through & keep up with all the TdF postings on Ravelry, I need to read through your archives (and subscribe to your blog!) to find out more about that sweater, among other things!

LOVE, love, love the sign you had for your fleece to shawl team, too!