Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mommy Fail!

last week we were able to pick cherries!
Those of you who know our family in person or through certain connections know that we dress with traditional Jewish standards of modesty in mind.  Okay, we're also weirdly "4-H-y" as I usually try to explain it; we eat a lot of plant-based foods, many of which we like to pick ourselves or get directly from the growers; we do a lot of needle work and fiber arts; we emphasize an understanding of scientific principals and critical thinking; and so on.

We forage locally at the kids' school yard and an empty lot up our block for wineberries (wild raspberries).  Luckily, wild blackberries grow in our backyard.  Today was the first day we were able to pick some of the wineberries and Addie and I went out with a baggie and picked as many as we could.  Since it was 100F today, for the first time in several years I dressed her in a gauzy little sleeveless dress without putting a t-shirt under it.  Then when we went to the swimming pool, she dressed herself and instead of putting on a t-shirt style rash guard she put on a regular swim suit top.  I made sure to cover her with sun screen.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when it looked like her whole upper chest was covered in sunburn.  I could explicitly remember spraying her chest with the same sun screen I used on the rest of her body, none of which had any sign of the slightest burn.

It took until 8 pm tonight and multiple complaints of how very itchy the rash was to realize it's not sunburn (you can all see where this is going, can't you).  It's poison ivy, from the copious poison ivy plants that were growing around the wineberry brambles in the thicket she was climbing into and leaning into.

So here's hoping the Benadryl she took helps her sleep tonight because if not, I think I'm on duty with her...

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