Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Knit-a-long that WILL BE

First we were shooting for June, then July.  Then mother nature came along with a derecho (who even knew there was such a thing as an opposite of a tornado before this weekend?), with power outages throughout the region.  This included initially my house, and until just moments ago The Yarn Spot.  

So while the owners are now setting up for the big Fourth of July event, we are going to postpone the beginning of our sock knit-a-long until next Tuesday, July 10, when we WILL START KNITTING!  Really.  I mean it this time.

We haven't wasted our time in the power outage here, though. 
Gilad and the big boys made home made salsa
 with vegetables from the Farmers' Market

Adele and Puppy learned to spin, using Mommy's pre-spun
singles and a very lightweight spindle

And I've been experimenting with using my hand spun weaving
thrums in needlepoint
So tune in next week and we WILL be knitting Estonian-lace-inspired socks!

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