Monday, October 29, 2012

Sniff, silly sad

I haz a sad.  I just took the last lace stitches in my Forest Path Stole.  I have 2 more rows of stockinette in this block, then I have acres and acres of shaping and edging all of it only in seed stitch.  And then it will be done.
I am feeling very sorry to see the lace go, I have to admit.  I'll be relieved to have the whole thing done and hopefully done without running out of (hand spun) yarn, but still, there's been something special about building these blocks of Estonian lace motifs.
Detail of the center of my stole, hand knit out of hand spun Rambouillet
Mind you, I have a pair of socks for Kayla, a pair of Hedgehog mittens, and two sweaters ready to start as soon as I finish with this.  But I think I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I'm almost finished with this shawl I have meant to knit for many years, ever since Interweave first published the pattern in Interweave Knits.
Meanwhile, Hurricane Sandy approaches; we are expecting the worst of the weather to start in about 2 hours.  So far it's been nothing special, just a very rainy day with occasional unimpressive wind gusts, the kind of day when I might normally be a nice Mom and drive the kids to school instead of telling them to put on their boots and walk.  But here all public transportation has been shut down, schools are closed, local agencies, parks, and libraries, Federal offices, all shut.  So we'll see overnight what might happen.

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galiah said...

stunning-- another one of your exquisite creations that seem so unbelievable that it wasn't done by a special machine...
i love the intricate patterns!