Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moving Northwest

Not me, we're not going anywhere.  However, having finished my shawl with the Estonian lace, 
I've now moved immediately to knee socks with unmistakably Norwegian patterning.  The weather has changed, you see, and it's time to knit knee socks and warm stranded cardigans.

The Forest Path Stole was a great knit, exactly what I'd hoped it would be since I saw it many years ago for the first time.  The hardest part honestly is setting up all the entrelac in seed stitch.  If you have ever heard tales of woe related to garterlac, you can imagine this; only this is with lace weight yarn, not the worsted cottons most garterlac projects seem to use.  Also, you're setting up edges which immediately get abandoned to be finished at the end of the project.  Once you move to the lace and get yourself situated as it were, each lace motif is only a single 20 or 21 stitch by 40 row piece, entire in itself with no horizontal repeats to manage.
I've been doing a lot of life-catch-up in the form of learning a lot of world history I never got in high school and college.  I tested out of having to take any history in college, which was great then but disappointing now.  So I'm using The Learning Company cd sets from the library and actually learning all the stuff that got skipped or never covered.  Having just finished Viking history and given that my current reading has been a book on DNA determination between Viking and Celtic/Pictish ancestry in the British Isles and another on the life of Snorri Sturluson of Iceland, I think I need to knit a Dragonboat cardigan after the socks.

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