Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sing along with Bob!

One of these toes is not like the other, one of these toes just doesn't belong...
Okay I thought I had just enough yarn to make a pair of socks for Ezra, my 8 year old nephew, and I ran out as I got to within 4 rounds of starting the toe decreases.  Fortunately I had some remnants of a slightly different but similarly dyed color way of the same yarn base to substitute in so it really isn't noticeable, but I thought I did a good job of disguising it in the picture:

And anyhow, who's ever going to see the toe of his socks?
It's a DESIGN FEATURE, people, right?
And big sister Josie is getting a pair too:

I tried to get Gilad to model Ezra's socks on his ears, but he declined firmly.

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