Sunday, June 30, 2013

End of June Tiny Garden Report

I had to pull out the last of the pea plants to be able to finally get in my acorn squash (nothing like last minute).  There still were a handful of pea pods to harvest; but I was running out of time to get the squash in.
The black chick peas are ripening!  There certainly aren't enough to be called a "crop" but I should get one dish or batch of purple humous out of them.

Pods and flowers

Not ripe yet, but getting there
And despite the bunnies' and deer's best attempts, there are some beans growing (Jacob's Cattle, a classic American variety that can be eaten in any form; as green beans, fresh shelled, or dried), and some cucumbers leafing out well:

Little bean pods are visible in the center if you look closely.
Next year I know I should concentrate more on a single crop at a time, but this year has been a fun experiment so far in what will grow under these conditions.

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