Friday, June 20, 2014

Two new patterns, 4th of July at The Yarn Spot

Fourth of July at The Yarn Spot this year will be a celebration of becoming the flagship shop for Dragonfly Fibers' yarns and spinning fibers.  To add to the celebration, The Yarn Spot is also releasing a new line of shop sock patterns designed by a variety of local artists. Here are two coming from me:

First, a totally basic beginner sock, designed for those who are knitting socks for the first time, or those who just want the beauty of the socks to shine through without interruption:

Second, a cabled sock designed specifically in honor of The Yarn Spot; the cable makes a circle spot, then adds a twist below it. It's easy to memorize at a glance, and fast to knit up. This one is designed in two sizes, to fit men's and women's feet easily and well.

Both are available soon at The Yarn Spot, along with the sample socks shown so that you will be able to see how they work and fit.

Unfortunately, I've found that my current medical troubles are interfering with the speed at which I can design and knit at the moment. So I'm not sure how fast and furious upcoming projects are going to appear, relative to my historic speediness. I'm still knitting, spinning, and working as fast as I can. That speed is just much slower than in the past.

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