Thursday, February 2, 2017

I would rather be knitting

…but my shoulder pain has come back badly. I mean it's done an excellent job of returning, but the pain is bad. You know what I mean.
chocolate babka; I had to use up a jar of Israeli
style chocolate filling in the cupboard after all

I'm substituting baking and kitchen prep. By 10 this morning my challah and chocolate babka were out of the oven and my chicken soup almost ready to come off the stove for this week's Shabbos.
One challah

In the last week I've made mozzarella cheese a couple of times, feta cheese, cottage cheese (that was wonderful, though they've all come out well, it's just been years since I had cottage cheese). I made croissants for the first time (I've made the homestyle chocolate croissants French mothers prepare for snacks, but I'd never made the flaky crescent style "real" croissants before). I made muffins (I always make muffins).

I'm looking for anything that feels productive, but nothing relieves my mind as well as knitting does.

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