Monday, September 11, 2017

Sukkos Challah Cover

I haven't been blogging at all because my thoughts have been more quick notes that I've put on Facebook, but I have been trying to keep busy (my bigger problem is that I wind up making myself less busy than most people but too busy for my own mental abilities).  I've been caring for the family, taking walks, baking, and crafting. I finally have something appropriate to share here though!

I've just finished this Sukkos Challah cover. It's a kit from Jerusalem Embroideries on Etsy. 

It's all hand embroidered. The outer rectangles are worked in double knot stitch; the names of each of the ushpizin (guests) are worked in simple back stitch. 

Abraham is symbolized by a fruitful tree; the trunk is in outline stitch, the leaves in satin stitch, the fruit are clusters of French knots.

Isaac is represented by an alter; the alter stones are worked in blanket stitch, the burning sticks are just interwoven long stitches, and the flames are chain stitch.

Jacob is a ladder; the long posts are chain stitches and the cross hatches are back stitched.

Joseph is sheaves of grain, his brothers' which bowed to his. This is a little complicated to explain, but I worked one long straight stitch for each, then worked a tiny stitch over each end and the center of that stitch, then wrapped each long stitch with four wraps.

Moses is the tablets of the law; the outlines are back stitched and the letters aleph to yud are just worked in plain stitching.

Aaron is shown by the priestly breastplate. It's outlined in blanket stitch, the stones are each satin stitched, and the fringes are just back stitched.

Finally, David's crown is worked mostly in chain stitch, with shadow stitch for the back of the crown rim, and satin and back stitch for the gems.

I backed it with brown polyester satin fabric and added trim around the edges.

It was a nice project and worked up fast. My only complaints about the kit are that there wasn't enough floss in several colors (I had more in my stash or similar colors I substituted for what came kitted); the names of Abraham and Aaron aren't properly centered; and the whole piece was slightly off square, which made it harder to do the finishing. I'm very happy to have it done in time for the holiday.

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