Monday, November 26, 2007

Loooong weekend

We're back from Camp Simcha and our retreat. Everyone had a good time; the boys had their usual spoil-fest, Kayla met a new friend, and Gilad rode motorcycles, played drums, saw a juggler, rode in the golfcarts, and generally got spoiled. Tirtze had a good weekend visiting friends and then hanging out with her grandparents for a while.

I realized that while the sessions do nothing for me there, I really do like having a chance to speak with some of the other parents.

The only downside was the drive home, but traffic was a breeze.

I got practically no knitting done. 8 rows around a sock I should have finished last winter. Well, at least maybe I'll finish it soon; this is the last repeat before the heel.

My excitement was that my Knitty Not-So-Secret-Scarf-Swap package was waiting for me when I got home! Thanks to Knitting Cat for my lovely brown alpaca scarf, my yarn, and my notecards. Photos to come when I FINALLY get my camera situation straightened out. Grrr.

We missed my cousin's "High Society" wedding. I can't wait to get the details. I'll post later with anything that was amusingly impressive.

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