Monday, November 26, 2007

musings as a snm

Life as a special needs mommy. Let's face it, I'm one needy mommy. This weekend reminded me again though just how much our family's life isn't like most. Feivel had the time of his life because they let him lead some singing, and it was just huge for him...but it just made the point again of how much he would love to be able to go to Camp Simcha, or anywhere special. He loves the care and attention and positive response. He gets so much negative.

Sachy meanwhile kept forgetting his formula everywhere he went, and of course it just made that much more of an impression that he could never go to a regular sleep-away camp just because of the logistics of his care and his feeding needs.

Finally, when I checked in with the friends who had Tirtze over the weekend, they complimented her greatly on how far she's come and how well she's doing. It was very sweet and I really appreciate it; but some little part of me wishes my kids could just have a sleep-over without it being a big deal. I'm sure her hosts were a little apprehensive about having her in the first place, in a way they wouldn't be for most other kids, and then relieved that everything went okay....why can't she just be a guest like every other girl?

Oh well. Sometimes I just get a little too focused on it I guess.

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