Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow, blech, blech, blech

Snow fell yesterday, prompting the usual DC area shutdown. People have absolutely no judgement here; they drive 10 MPH when they should go 35 and vice versa. Grrrr.

We, the intellectual elite, frown upon them (snark).

Last night they upgraded it on the radio to a 3 TP roll event (based on the local tendency to try to stockpile bread, milk, and TP in the event of winter weather). Hee, hee.

Anyway, this morning's commute was fine, and even last night the girls and Mom and Dad went to have dinner with Bubbie (Grandma) without incident. She's here and happy in her apartment at Ring House just 10 minutes from us.

And Margo likes the hand-me-down fulled chickie sweater (from Dalegarns meant to be in Baby Ull) I sent her along with some pjs for Bryce. So all is well in Leesy land.

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