Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanks, Brycie Boo!

The children won't stop playing with their gifts from cousin Bryce (okay, maybe Margo and Jeremy had a hand in it). The boys got those nerf darts (like playing nerf laser tag) they had been seeing on TV, the girls got iTunes gift cards, Gilad got a hoppity with the Cars logo on it, and Addie got a very, very cute dress outfit. She will be wearing it this Shabbos, I assure you.

They all send a big thank you. The boys, when they're not running around the house shooting darts at each other, are hanging the vests from Sachy's IV downstairs IV pole and using them for target practice. Gilad keeps hoppitying around the house (and falling over on purpose). The girls have great plans for their music downloads. Addie's just cute.

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