Monday, December 10, 2007

We're back, better than ever

We survived the trip to the in-laws. Gilad of course had to get sick Friday night (he's fine now, his tummy just hurt and he was all congested and coughing); Addie didn't sleep since she wasn't in her own crib; and Sachy kvetched that he wasn't getting enough attention. They were all well-behaved, though, and the travel was easy.

Kayla won accolades for getting Bekka to help give the women's class Shabbos afternoon (along with Kayla, who had agreed to do it). No one else had been able to talk Bekka into participating at all in her own bas mitzvah (sound a little like Tirtze? Scary, isn't it).

And Gilad used the potty all of Shabbos afternoon. Lucky Mommy!

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