Monday, December 10, 2007

Socks finished

Mom's socks are finished and I've started Aunt Hedy's!

No picks of Mom's both because still no functional digicamera and because (whoo, hoo) the pattern for the socks is my original and it's in the process of being published so I can't show it here before the book comes out!

Aunt Hedy's are coming along--I've just started the chart. I love Louet yarns:
Not so fond of the bamboo needles as always, but that's what I've got in a size 2 so that's what I'm a-using. The color happens to be almost exactly the same as the original in the Knitty pattern, coincidentally--I had bought the yarn even before the pattern came out, so it's just fortuitous. They're going to be gorgeous socks and I hope she'll be happy.

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