Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The joys of insurance nonsense

Our insurance requires us to use a mail-order pharmacy for all drugs other than one-time things like antibiotics. Common sense for other uses is not allowed. We must use the mail-order pharmacy for coverage. They don't take into account that we have some unusual medical situations here which require prescriptions normally only seen in hospital settings, among other oddities.
So today we receive this large box:
It weighed 6 lbs and was sent from Las Vegas, NV.

In it was several layers of styrofoam, 4 ice packs, multiple sheets of bubble wrap:

All to mail this:

One small box of Rx Benadryl. Which doesn't require refridgeration; it's to be kept at room temperature. And it was mailed in March, not mid-summer.

But, they only charged us about $3.00. The ice packs alone are worth more than that. The shipping cost more than that.

Or, they could have let us pick it up at the local pharmacy.

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