Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snippets and snails and yarn tails

I think I really need to go back to maintaining a knitting journal. I did a few years ago, then I had to box up a lot of my yarns and books, supposedly short term. Of course three years later, some are still boxed and I never retrieved my journal. I'm feeling very unaccomplished as a knitter right now, and I suspect it's because
  • my last few projects have been very basic, and
  • I don't have any record of all I've made, not having that journal around, and
  • I haven't made anything for myself in a very long time.
Since last winter, I've completed
  • 2 lace triangle shawls (both Flower Basket pattern)
  • socks for a Secret Partner exchange
  • socks for Mom (both the above were patterns I designed, too)
  • socks for Aunt Hedy
  • socks for Lori at work
  • one pair of legwarmers plus two castwarmers for Kayla
  • Sachy's Pikachu slippers
  • 3 sweaters for Adele (one in a pattern I designed) plus matching pants for one of them
  • a hat and fingerless mittens for Mom
  • mittens for Margo
  • fingerless mittens for Aunt Hedy (the last three items all from my own handspun yarns)
  • a shawl for Oma
  • a baby sweater for charity
  • 2 scarves for a Secret Pal(one basic entrelac, one of my own design, squares and keyholes)
  • a cellphone cozy (from handspun again)
  • an almost finished Shetland shawl (which I designed)
Plus other things I've probably forgotten.
So there. I've also learned to dye, to spin on a spindle and on a wheel and taught 3 of the kids the basics, and helped a friend learn to knit. Thanks for letting me do a little self-peptalking. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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