Friday, March 28, 2008

We went to the animal fair (cue the music)

Sorry it's been quiet here. I'm busily knitting my sweater in the hopes of finishing it before Pesach (yeah, right, I'm less than 1/5 of the way through it, not even 1/3 of the back knit). It's a bit boring, but not as bad as yards and yards of stockinette in a fingering weight yarn or anything.

The big news here is that we were able to take the kids to the circus on Wednesday night, thanks to Barnum and Bailey's regular NIH children's charities show and tickets through The ARC of Montgomery County. Everyone had a great time, especially Feivel, who spent the entire show leaning forward in his seat and staring at everything going on. He asked if we could go back again Thursday night. And next year. Oh, and he wants to be in a circus when he grows up. Addie seemed to watch the show (who can tell what goes through a 9 month old's mind). Tirtze said she only liked the animals (big surprise). Sachy liked it but dozed for part of the second act. Kayla loved it. I spent 3/4 of the show holding Gilad (he went to Jeffrey for the first half of the second act, then came back to my lap) and the other 1/4 holding Addie, but had fun too. Unfortunately, Gilad fell asleep on the way home while eating a chocolate Slim Fast bar as a snack, and then I had to carry him in to the house while he rubbed his hands and face all over me in his sleep....

And the four middle kids actually were big helps last night beginning the real Pesach cleaning of the downstairs. You do NOT want to know how much food we found, but meanwhile we did more or less double both Sachy and Gilad's sock wardrobes. I'm much happier about our ability to actually Pesach clean that floor now.

See below for images of Gilad the mess maker and why cleaning is always an adventure (as always, pics from school are courtesy of Morah Miriam Oberstein):

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