Monday, June 23, 2008

Actual conversation

True conversation held with 3 year old Gilad this morning while he ate breakfast:
Gilad: Look! Is pancakes! (points to the picture of Eggo waffles on the side of his box of Frosted Flakes)

Me: Well, waffles, but yes.

Gilad: I have them when I finish my cereal.

Me: Sorry, we don't have any waffles right now.

Gilad: But they right here!

It's really funny how their minds just don't quite grasp reality. At least, it's funny in a 3 year old.


Michele said...

Too cute! I remember similar conversations with my kids. And their disappointment when they looked in the box and it wasn't there! LOL

Lenore said...

Hilar! I love having conversations with kids.