Monday, June 23, 2008

Addie check up report and Gilad loon report

Addie had her one year old check up today. The official stats are 28" long, 16 lbs 12 oz (which of course puts her below the 5%, though it's 2 lbs heavier than Tirtze was).  Her head circumference was 18" which puts her in the 73%, due to her superior brains.

She also got 3 shots.
They want her to come back in at the end of July for another size check.  With the family history, they want to be sure she's just twerpy and that they're not missing some medical issue which would cause her growth curve to be off (which it currently is, though she's right in between what her sisters were at this age in absolute terms).  Not worried, they just want to document that she's just a Cohen kid.

Meanwhile, Gilad started his Cougar Cubs camp today.  After water play, he refused to get dressed and ran around the building naked until one of the CITs finally got hold of him and struggled him into his shorts and t shirt.  Can't you just picture him streaking around the school?
Who was crazy enough to let Gilad and Oriya up there together?

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