Monday, July 7, 2008

our bathing cuties

Addie needed a bath.  Gilad wanted a shower.  He agreed she should go first.  Then he came up to the bathroom, where she was in the baby bath, set in the shower stall.  He pointed to the shower and asked if he could go in.  I told him if he took his socks off, he could.  Then I offered that if he got naked, he could splash with her bath water.  The next thing I knew was this:

Then he asked, "Can I be in the bath?"  I answered the obvious, "You already are in the bath.""No, Mommy, can I PEE in the bath?"
It's only too bad I didn't already have the camera (I had to call to Tirtze to bring it up to me) when he first climbed in--at first he was sitting on her, not behind her.

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Michele said...

Definitely cuties!