Monday, August 25, 2008

Catch up: SP Exchange, a Mystery that keeps on growing, and a round of smooches

I got my package from my Knittyboard Summer Loving Exchange:

BFL (that's Blue-Faced Leicester, a breed of sheep) top (combed fiber), thank you cards, a notepad and stitch markers.
I've been busily working on my Slow Bee Mystery II stole, now finished clue 10, with 5 more to go and then the second half to complete:

Meanwhile, back at the book shelves, a bad case of smooching has broken out at LibraryThing.  Thingamabrarians have been anonymously smooching each other over at BookMooch.  When you smooch someone, you give them the gift of a book point, worth a whole book choice.  I received two smooches in one day, and gave some to others too.  The only problem was that my first few choices for smoochees turned out to each have about 50 points accumulated in their accounts already.  I was afraid it would just be an empty gesture, albeit a nice and well-appreciated one, to give them the points, so I had to do a little digging to find members of both LT and BM who were newer or lower in points but had active accounts.  It's quite fun both to give and to get a smooch, as I'm sure you can imagine (think figuratively or literally here, I'm open).

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