Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You spun what? Chiengora?!?!?

My boss Rich now thinks all the women who work for him are absolutely crazy.  You see, Margie was in the office a few weeks ago and handed over a small bag to Ellen, who gave it to Rich to bring to me.  And what was in said small bag?
Hair brushed from Margie's prize wheaten terrier.
So what did I do with it, you might ask?
Well, I handcarded it (it was very matted so excuse the noils):

And then I spun it into yarn (in this case, short-draw, chain-plyed yarn):

And now I'll send the teeny yarn sample back to Margie.  I don't think I'll need to involve Rich this time; a #10 envelope should do the job.

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Tropical Twister said...

I've had the same spin what? And the second question is always ... what happens if you get caught in the rain ... smell like wet dog? No. Once soaked and cleaned NO ODOR. I've just finished a shawl from my "mostly" border collie, Lacy. My "Lacy" shawl is on my blog
Tropical Twister