Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look who came to visit over the weekend

It's Cousin It's baby sister

and little brother

Please blame Kayla for this.  Frankly, you can blame her for a lot of things, it's okay by me.
We had a typically crazy weekend.  The end of the week was pissy for me; lousy stuff going on at work, plus I was depressed in general and just not happy.  I was going to say I was not a happy camper, but that could be taken quite literally; on Friday, I signed up for a dream, a week long course at the John C. Campbell Folk School given by Judith MacKenzie McCuin, to be held late in January.  The problem arose at about 4:45 Friday afternoon, when I got a message from them that as a matter of fact, the class was full, the waiting list was full, and I was flat out of luck. Even more irritating (for me, I'm not saying anything against them), when I tried to call the woman to whom I needed to speak back, she was out of her office and of course by that time it was so late I didn't hear from her that afternoon.  I have to follow up tomorrow to see if there's some other week's course I want to switch to, but it won't be quite the same as this would have been!
Addie has a new word:  "read!"  She comes to me with a board book, throws it at me, shouts "read!" and climbs in my lap.  Cute, snuggly, yet obnoxious.
I did get some knitting done.  Here is the Mystery Stole 4, as of the finish of clue 2.  Theme guesses run the gamut from games to gametes, so let your mind interpret as you will:

My problem, such as it is, now, is that Moni has released all the rest of the clues for the Slow Bee Mystery II shawl (clues 13-15) at once, due to internet difficulties she is experiencing intermittently.  This is lovely of her, yet given my personal insanity makes life that much more difficulty because I no longer get my single spaced dose of pattern for the next few weeks, but rather feel like since I have the rest of the pattern I have no choice but to barrel through the rest and get the other half done pronto.  Knitting-wise, I basically feel like I'm already out of breath but have miles yet to run.  Such trouble, oh the woe.
Oh, and since I need more projects and hobbies (like I need a hole in the head) I'm trying needle felting, as evidenced by this hand woven scarf (two triangles from my triangle loom seamed together), in the process of ornamentation (I intend to add a lot more felting, it's just going to take a while):

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