Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Could be an interesting (itchy) morning

What you see here is Sachy's leg.  The white lines are from his scratching.  The big red blobby blotches are hives, with which he is covered from cheeks to toes.
Of course, this is the morning when I am supposed to be doing a program with his class.  The good news is that means we can send him in to school knowing I'll be there on site for most of the morning to check on him; the bad news is that if he progresses to more manifestations of random allergy nonsense, there goes the whole program!
He says he woke up at 4 am with the hives, itching all over.  How could he come in contact with something at 4 am in bed?
Can I start a petition demanding the recall or impeachment of all eosinophils and IgE?

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