Wednesday, November 12, 2008

That hat I mentioned yesterday

handspun hat
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was Suzy Crancer's Greenbriar hat. I thought my gauge would be way off and hoped to felt the whole thing into a hat for one of the girls. However, it happens to fit me just perfectly so they are out of luck.

I have finished spinning the first ounce of the Icelandic wool too. And occasionally working, caring for my children, making dinner for the family, changing the odd diaper (or the odd baby's diaper), and so on.
Of course work was bit of a ridiculous case today; our computers at all our offices were infected with a virus and then our whole city block lost phone service from 10 am until 4:30 pm too so our IT director couldn't even work on virus cleaning our computers from his location...I wound up coming home to work because I had an outside-source webinar which I could access from here, plus now that we are using SharePoint I will be able to do some work remotely. I don't know that the computers will be up and running tomorrow, so I'm likely to be working from home again then still. Friday I wasn't expecting to be in at all, since I'm taking Sachy to the allergist for his much-needed testing.

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