Friday, November 14, 2008

Back from the allergist

Sachy had his big allergy appointment today.  The office was great logistically and professionally--easy for us to get to, ample free parking, they have great hours, they saw us right on time, the doctor was terrific and has a particular interest and full knowledge of EG, and discussed everything he thought with us with complete explanations.
He suspects that while this was true hives (as opposed to chicken pox / coxsackie / measles / mumps / impetigo / whatever other rashes you can imagine)(we brought photos, which helped), that the hives were actually caused by a virus and not by a food allergy.  However, amid much hysteria (I exaggerate not here--Sachy had a full vagal response, turning red, sweating, vomiting, the works) he had a blood draw done to test for a few foods Sachy had recently eaten before he got the hives.  He did also feel that his breathing was mildly asthmatic but that he just needed to have albuterol handy, and he thinks Sachy should follow up in the Spring regarding seasonal allergies.  We'll check back in once we get the test results!

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