Thursday, December 4, 2008

One of them thar catchup posts

Feivel is starting to feel a little better as the antibiotics really kick in.  Yesterday he still had some shoulder pain (referred pain from the diaphragm irritated by the lower lung lobe which had the fluid and infection), but today he really seems more energetic and more himself.  Take that as you will.
Gilad was up a lot last night coughing, so he stayed home today because we were worried he was really coming down with something serious.  Well, we were wrong and he spent the day driving Jeffrey nuts so he goes back to school tomorrow.
This Shabbos Sachy has a class Shabbaton--the whole 5th grade will be with us (the synagogue congregation, I mean, not our family personally) for the whole time.  Kayla is escaping to sleep over at her friend Shira's house instead of being here.  An added bonus is that Shira also has a 5th grade brother, so he'll be here rather than with the girls.
And I've been knitting up slippers for Feivel in bulky Lopi yarn, to be fulled (felted knitting); and spinning up some mini skeins from leftover singles and fiber bits:

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