Sunday, December 21, 2008

What We've Been Up To:

Working hard

Being cute

Just thinking.
Actually we had a fine Shabbos, then Saturday night Feivel went to the high school play (no one else here wanted to go but he had a great time and felt very grown up seeing "I Remember Mama").  Today, Kayla spent most of the day working with her friend Naomi on their project to recreate the clothing of the Kohen Gadol (chief priest of the Holy Temple) with all his special garments; Tirtze is with her friend Sarah for the afternoon; and Feivel and Jeffrey are now at a Boy Scout meeting.  Then everyone gets back home, we'll light the first Chanukah candles, and then I head out to a knitting get-together while the rest of the family goes to the synagogue's Chanukah party and dinner.
Oh, and I'm knitting an unusually constructed baby sweater for our next-door neighbor's new baby boy; in essence it's two octagons folded, joined, seamed, and finished into a baby sweater.  Here's one half already folded and the other ready to be folded and seamed (pattern is XRX's 4 Tam Pram Set):


Batty said...

Octagons? That's some innovative construction. I'm curious to see the end result.

I hope your daughter's arm is doing better. King Arthur latkes will do just fine... I'm curious about them too. Baking them is less likely to create the oil explosion all over the kitchen I have perpetrated more than once.

Leesy said...

Batty, pics are on the way. The pattern is cooler in concept than in final results, it seems, though it's fine and I'll still give the sweater as a baby gift.

And the latkes turned out just fine!