Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like Magic!

Well, thanks to the Harry Potter game over on Ravelry, I've cleaned up my knitting and spinning stuff.  A bit.
Jeffrey moved a book case and we cleaned it up:

I've mostly caught up on filing my patterns in their binders:

My spinning fiber is a little more organized, or at least neatened up:

And my yarns are put away in an old dresser:
I've also knit a cowl for Charms homework and proposed an O.W.L. level project (a lacy, cabled, fitted sweater).  And I've almost finished plying my Corriedale (though that's not for Harry Potter knitting, that's just for joy).
Meanwhile, the two big girls are at their first karate/jujitsu class.  Don't try to imagine it.

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