Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm so very proud

This morning I got Addie ready to leave, headed for the door, and Gilad called out with perfect timing, "Have fun storming the castle!"  Now we just have to teach him to say, "I am not left handed!"  which would be particularly ironic given that he is left handed.
Meanwhile, I've finished my OWL Titania sweater:

Complete with proper mattress stitch finally,

and cast on socks for Kayla.
I also finished spinning about 360 yards of fingering weight Corriedale sock yarn and dyed it in tea this evening, but it's drying and I don't have photos of that yet.
I have to save it to proper format to share here on the blog, but Gilad's teacher also sent me a video of him and one of his friends in gym class; they're supposed to be having a snake race, wriggling forward on the ground, when all of a sudden these two get up on their feet and run to the finish line.

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