Monday, March 2, 2009

What happens when I work at home

No, don't worry, I'm not billing for the time spent on this, but the whole East Coast is basically half shut down due to the snow.  Whenever it snows, I'm compelled to bake.
I did run in to the office to pick up some materials for a conference beginning tomorrow, and to do a few other things, and I did some work for that project and another one from home.  The kids have mostly mooched around the house and complained that the snow is too powdery to play in (except, oddly enough, Tirtze, who spent an hour this morning and now a couple of hours this afternoon outside with Adina, Golda, and Adina's next-door neighbors).


Galiah said...

Gorgeous cake! what is your frosting made of? it looks so rich!

Leesy said...

Oh, no, it's just confectioners sugar with a little soy milk, nothing else. The cake itself is just a yeast coffee cake with cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate chips wrapped in the middle.
No one touched the cake all day until about 4:45 this afternoon, when in the space of about 5 minutes more than half of it disappeared (and not all into me, thank goodness).