Sunday, March 1, 2009

We made it to Sunday evening

And now the snow is falling.  Apparently it's falling pretty much everywhere across the East Coast.  The current prediction is 5-11" for us, but of course that could change drastically in either direction.  I'm suspecting I won't be heading out to work at 7:25 tomorrow, nor will the kids be off to school a half hour after that, but we'll have to see.
So what did we do with our big Sunday?  Began the Pesach cleaning.  The boys' room is as done as it's going to get, the girls' rooms are supposedly done though neither of them vacuumed, and we've started working on a couple of other rooms.  Of course, I haven't started getting anything ready for Purim yet, and that's in less than 10 days.
I did finish some yarn last week and so here are some thumbnails:

It's 415 yards of fingering weight, woolen yarn, made up of various wools, alpaca, angora, mohair, angelina, tencel, and I'm not even sure what else--possibly squid or unicorn fiber for all I can remember at this point.  It was my Potions project for an OWL in our Harry Potter-themed fiber game over at Ravelry.

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