Wednesday, July 1, 2009

much covering of single feet

Well, I mean everyone here has two feet per person, it's just that people seem to be mis-matching their foot wear.
Addie was playing in her room (naked, of course) when she came out wearing one slipper and announcing, "Bunnies! Like Baby Dolly!" She had torn apart the contents of her sock drawer and found some slippers similar to the bunny slippers her baby dolly wears, and had put one on (very impressive that she got it on all by herself; it was a sock-type slipper with a cuff).
Meanwhile, I knit a sock (Lisa's Sock is the pattern, based on the socks worn by Lisa, the main character, in Jan Brett's book The Hat) for a knit-along, meaning more or less for the socks to be mine since I didn't know of anyone else around who wanted a pair. However Kayla noticed them and claimed them so I knit the first one to fit her:
however, she'll have to wait a while because I need the needles to knit a pair of mittens for the Harry Potter House Cup game over on Rav again.


Henya said...

I love that sock.

Leesy said...

Thanks, Henya. It's as easy as it looks, and it's meant to be knit in sport weight or heavier yarn, so it's quite quick to work.