Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The bolero for Addie's outfit is done

But I don't have a photo yet, and it's going to be hard to photograph since it's just a blob of fabric. I don't think I'll have a pic of the whole ensemble until Thanksgiving when I put it on her. I'm hoping that the socks will be done on time; they should only take a couple of days, they're just 2x2 ribbing to the ankle st st below that, and standard heel and toe shaping. I'll probably make them long-ish to cover the bottom of the leggings she'll wear.
Gilad can't stand the idea of a day away from his friends today when preschool is closed, so he called his friend Oren and invited him over this afternoon. I'm going to tell G that Oren can't come unless Gilad helps clean up around here; there's no where for them to play, especially given that Addie will be napping and they won't have access to that room and the Thomas set.

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