Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday evening

Well, tomorrow morning will be Monday and I won't be going to work for the first time. I'm still not sure how I'll react. Knowing me, probably badly, but my working was just not working out in the real world. As it is, I have multiple errands that have to be run, orthodontics appts that have to be made for 2 kids, various arrangements to be worked on, practitioners to be hunted down. And here I really wanted some down time (don't we all). I think one thing I have to do is take my blood pressure regularly and just see how it reacts.
I did finish Addie's socks so her Thanksgiving outfit is complete (we tried the socks on her, and they fit as you see)
and I knit the fingerless gloves my SIL requested for her 7 year old quite some time ago that I just hadn't gotten to, despite having the yarn in stash and this being such an easy thing to whip up.
Those are Gilad's hands modeling the mitts; he thought they were wonderful and wanted to keep them. Um, don't think so. Pink fingerless mitts are just not you, Gilad.
We let Kayla create a Facebook account, so everyone who knows her go find her there now. Of course we also found out that Tirtze had created a Facebook account without telling us or friending us. Yet another opportunity for us to be mad at her. Sigh.
The boys and Jeffrey went to a Boy Scout Court of Honor this evening; Feivel was awarded a badge he'd earned and Sachy was awarded his Tenderfoot (I think I have that right).

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Marcy said...

Good luck with sahm-hood. Personally, it's the only way we manage to stay sane. Here I've been working for 3 months and my brain is about to dribble out my ears. My job ends in 4 weeks. I love being in a library again, and it is nice to have that professional life, but I hate having to do EVERYTHING on the weekends and pray all week that nobody gets sick. And with a special needs child -- no way. I just can't keep up the pace.
You will be so happy to have all that time in the day!