Sunday, February 14, 2010

where am I?

Okay, the super good news is that Adele has been okay. I didn't realize I hadn't posted since the middle of her crisis. For now we're working with the "she's weird and had a strange series of viruses and somehow got the one-in-a-million case of toddler viral tenosynovitis" theory until proven otherwise.
I was supposed to head out to Israel on last Wednesday. Here it is Sunday and I'm still here thanks to the mid-Atlantic blizzards. Hopefully we'll be able to fly out today! So I'll leave you with an extensive gallery of all the knitting I've been doing and not posting, including the projects that were supposed to be for my trip!
crocheted (!) scarf for Tirtze
kappa socks for my HP OWL project set
600 yards of laceweight CVM yarn
my flower garden vest
a vest for The Yarn Spot in Glisten yarn
this and the following hat are my own designs, both hats destined for the Larkin Center for Homeless Teens' annual hat drive
This is a my "where's the sheep" hat; the yarns are yak, alpaca and mohair, and the only wool is some white CVM lamb plied with the mohair.

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