Friday, March 5, 2010

bad blogger, bad!

So I am around, it's just that every time I try to sit and write what's going on, either a little kid comes up to me with a crisis (like Dora the Explorer is over), or there's a computer slow-down, or I really am supposed to be doing something else like de-disgustingifying the kids' bathroom or...well, you all get the idea.
I did have a great trip to Israel once we were finally able to leave the snow-deluged US East Coast. I didn't even have a camera along, but other family members' photo albums are here and here, plus there's an article about my uncle's project, the object of the whole trip, here. Every time Adele sees the photos of the playground, she complains that she's not there and wants to be there right now. I only wish I could take her!
We continue to have stupid issues with MCPS, but at least the current one is really stupid and not high on my "pick your battles" list. They sent home a copied letter announcing that the kids' Alt-MSA portfolios would be available for parents' review on a single day (and they got the date wrong in the letter); I'm sure 90% of the parents never saw the letter as they didn't even manage to get it into the students' communications folder, it was just loose in Feivel's backpack. Once I sorted out the actual time and date, Adele wound up sick at that time so I couldn't go and when I called to make alternate arrangements I was told that's not possible. So a great waste of time was had by all, and separate continues to not be equal. Way to go MCPS. Oh, and it looks like after spending $1.7 million for 2 years worth of use, MCPS is abandoning its online IEP system in favor of the *FREE* one provided by the state that every other jurisdiction in the state has chosen to use the whole time. Good thing they didn't try to spend that $1.7 million on actually educating the special ed students or anything wasteful like that.
We had Purim, hosted by the perfect pink perky pretty poodle puppy
but it was the day my grandmother's z"tl burial was held, as she passed away last week at the age of 90, so the girls and I went to the burial in NJ while Jeffrey held down the Purim fort here.
And I have been trying to do a little knitting in the meantime, while waiting for yarn to come in for Feivel's sweater he's demanding:
headband in Kollage Luscious
fingerless mitts in yarn contact-dyed in cutch, plus a sheep
cashmere scarf in historic Estonian pattern stitch

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