Friday, July 9, 2010

Two weeks of camp!

Feivel and Sachy are off to Boy Scout Camp in NY State. This is the first time ever we've had 2 weeks of Feivel away. I mean I love him (and Sachy obviously) but seriously, BSA has no idea how this serves as the only respite service we've ever had in our lives. The boys seem to be having a good time and doing a lot; Jeffrey heads up this Sunday to spend the second week with them.
Kayla is having a blast as CIT at the parks service archeology camp. She wants to go a 3rd week so we're seeing what we can do.
We've decided to head up to Colonial Williamsburg for a couple of days next week. Being nuts, we're making period costumes for everyone going (me, and the 2 big girls and the 2 little ones). Mine is done (shift dress, apron, pocket, shawl, and coif), and Gilad's (knickers and blouse), and Addie's (top, skirt, slip); Kayla's almost done with hers. We'll see about Tirtze's.
I finished my cashmere shawl!
and various other small projects recently. The socks are in my own handspun, btw.

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