Friday, July 16, 2010

Williamsburg in July

Being a bit insane, I took Tirtze, Kayla, Gilad, and Adele to Colonial Williamsburg for a couple of days. It was only 95F and humid, so why not? My thought process was that Jeffrey and the big boys are away, it's the 9 days so this fit rather well in activity (being educational rather than recreational for the older kids and me, but pleasant and fun for the little kids). It wasn't too expensive either; we stayed one night at the hotel contiguous with the Visitor Center, the little kids were free to the Colonial area and the girls were half price, and these days they have a 2 day pass available for just a couple more dollars than a one day pass (and in fact they made our passes good for 3 days, even though we weren't going to stay around until Friday).

Gilad and Adele's favorite parts of the trip: the children's games on the Palace green, the Nursery Rhymes Tour and other activities (especially thumb-pot plant watering) at the Powell house, and the mud-play at the brick maker's yard. Gilad was so mad at us every time we pulled him away from the game playing on the green!

I didn't spend money on any tchotchkes or typical keepsakes. I did get the little kids a preschoolers' (very simple drawings) coloring book and crayons; they received little keepsake bags and postcards at the Nursery Rhymes tour; and they got sheep pins for getting their little "passports" punched at different venues. They're so happy with the coloring book that they're both still coloring now.

Anyway, all the pics are here in an album for anyone who wants to see and isn't already on Facebook with me.

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SuperM said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip!
My kids' favorite part of the local state history fair has always been those games.