Thursday, July 29, 2010

Next up: plague of locusts

Update a few hours later--we lost power again, but only for an hour and a half, not a day and a half this time!
Our little corner of the country has experienced so far in 2010 2 "official" blizzards; one earthquake; and now this week a rainstorm that could have qualified as a hurricane, which moved across the area at 55 mph and had 75 mph sustained winds. That was Sunday, and now on Thursday people are still cleaning up and many still have no power (we got ours back at about 1 am Tuesday, which was quite a blessing).
We were at the swimming pool when the storm came in. When the pool closing announcement (due to distant thunder) was made, we went ahead and changed Addie as always, then headed out to the car. When we all got in the car, no storm. Josie had trouble with her seatbelt, so Kayla got out to help her; at that moment the rain started pouring. Just as Kayla jumped back in and closed her door, the wind picked up and buffeted the minivan. We drove the mile and a half home in near-whiteout conditions, avoiding downed branches all the way. By the time we walked in the door, just minutes after the rain and wind began, our power was out. Adele is still complaining when she sees clouds that it's going to rain and be windy and scary and dark. I guess it'll take her a while to get over it. Everyone was absolutely fine though and we had no damage. The kids happily played for a couple of days with flashlights and glowsticks, though there was much complaining over the lack of AC and FIOS (get over it, kids).
So now we spend a few days playing with cousin Josie, packing for the beach, and then heading out for the week!

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